Model Box Productions


Under the auspices of the ADCI & DLI

County Wicklow

Model Box Productions

Model Box Productions was formed six years ago with members coming from all areas of County Wicklow. Our aim is to bring together persons interested in theatre and drama while encouraging members to develop their creative talents in a friendly and welcoming environment. We always aim to provide new and innovative challenging drama whenever we can.

Model Box Productions are delighted to present in this years All-Ireland One Act Confined Final ‘Two Sisters’ by Caroline Harding.

Caroline Harding

Two Sisters


Anya: Laura Wood

Sonia: Kathy Gallagher


Kevin Duignan


Sound: Tom Curran

Lighting: John Hayden

Costumes: Patrick Mahood

Stage Manager: Linda Geoghegan

Support: Joy Geoghegan, Gavin D’Arcy, Claire Dorgan, Liz D’Arcy, Caroline Armstrong, Olivia Fielding

Original music composed and performed by Luke Cosgrove

Running Time

50 Minutes


Set in a small village somewhere in Russia in 1880, two sisters Anya and Sonya come to terms with some dark secrets from their past lives that they would rather have forgotten. Both had loved the same man years before and upon his untimely death, they had to embark on very different and questionable lives. Can they remain friends when the secrets finally emerge to haunt them after all these years?