Coolgreany Amateur Dramatic Society


Under the auspices of the ADCI & DLI

Coolgreany, County Wexford

Coolgreany Amateur Dramatic Society

Coolgreany Drama celebrates its 10th birthday this year. A relatively small drama group based in a north Wexford village, at the foot of Croghan mountain. Coolgreany won the Confined All-Ireland One Act in 2017 so it is their second year in the Open section. They were thrilled to win first place here in Rossmore last year for their play Mr Foot by Michael Frayn. This year’s play is a contender in the new writing section and has never been produced in Ireland before. 

Barry McKinley

A Beginner's Guide to Madness


Crazy Gal Josephine: Éadaoin Ní Lionáin

Irish Psychiatrist: Norah Finn

Doorman: Niall Hunter

Karl the Husband: Eamonn O’Shiel

Francie the Irish Barman: Ned Dempsey

The Inspector: Niall Hunter

Lenny the Barista: Nicola Conroy 

Ensemble: Denise Moules,  Richard Lister, Maggie Murphy


Sally Stevens


Sound: Nick Delany

Lighting: Eddie O’Brien

Running Time

50 Minutes


A Beginner’s Guide to Madness is a fast-paced absurdist comedy about modern life and relationships where all is definitely not as it seems. Is our hero, Josephine, really losing her mind? Does her therapist really have her best or breast interests at heart? Why does Josephine keep bumping into these weird people? Is there really a walrus called Toby in her apartment building? Can she live happily ever after?