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July and August
Thursday October 5th at 8pm
October 19th - 22nd and 26th to 29th
Small Roads Theatre Festival

This is Not the Life I Ordered By Dezy Walls  Simon, a middle aged accountant, is getting married in the morning to the bosses daughter. Just as Simon discovers that his highly respected best man has cried off, Jack, Simon's musician brother, knocks on the door. Jack has been thrown out by yet another woman and needs a place to stay.  This musical play brings us on a roller coaster ride from laughter to tears and back as two seemingly opposite siblings prise open deep wounds, twisting the knife as only those who love and detest us can. There's a surprise twist and some explicit language.

Thursday October 19th at 8 pm & Saturday October 28th  at 8 pm

Glorious! By Peter Quilter   In 1940's New York, the performer whom everyone wanted to see live was Florence Foster Jenkins, an enthusiastic soprano whose pitch was far from perfect. To some she was simply the "worst singer in the world".  But this joyously happy woman paid little attention to her critics. Why would she have when she was surrounded by a circle of devoted friends who encouraged her every note. Though portrayed beautifully by Meryl Streep on the silver screen, the character is made for live theatre, where each night the audience feel they have been transported back to play a part in this hilarious drama as it unfolds.

Marmose the Rat By Dezy Walls  Father Rat believes his son must follow into the family law practice in Kenmare. But Marmose has other ideas. And a Rat must follow his heart, be who he wants to be. Cause, if we don't follow our hearts, how do we find our dreams?  Of course, Marmose discovers, as he meets Bertie the Hedgehog and other pals in London, it's never quite that simple. It takes an adventure. A musical play for all the family.

Play On! By Rick Abbot A comedy which climbs from titivating giggles to side splitting laughter! The thing is this could happen for real in any community in Ireland. Imagine the scenario! The town drama group are desperately trying to rehearse a play.  "Murder Most Foul" has been written by a local playwright who has the exasperating habit of changing the script mid rehearsal. With a few days left to opening night the crisis deepens. Can the director, the actors and crew get the show together on time? We hope not!

Present Laughter By Noel Coward At the centre of his own universe sits matinee idol Garry Essendine: suave, hedonistic and "too old" to be having numerous affairs, according to his wife!

Garry's close friends and associates are dependent upon him for everything or is it he who is dependent upon them? Either way, playing around too close to home may dramatically disturb the eco balance of this personal universe. A recent Tony winner on Broadway.

Friday October 20th at 8 pm & Friday October 27th  at 8 pm

Saturday October 21st at 4 pm & Saturday October 28th  at 4 pm


Saturday October 21st at 8 pm & Sunday October 29th  at 8 pm

Sunday October 22nd at 8 pm

Thursday November 2nd at 8pm
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